Founded in 1989, Lulu’s intention was always to be slightly outré and push boundaries.

Critical acclaim and praise from leading fashion industry figures was instantaneous,
paving the way for Lulu Guinness to be sold around the world as well as London.

Her iconic designs have surpassed the role of mere fashion accessories.
The Collectable bags have been described as ‘tomorrow’s treasures’,
becoming permanent fixtures in museums worldwide.
The Florist Basket is in the permanent fashion collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum,
London and has also been exhibited in Sotheby’s London and New York.

Today Lulu still lives by the motto of her hero,
the Surrealist artisan and fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli,
‘Dare to be Different’ and the women who wear Lulu Guinness do just that.

Lulu is the living, breathing personification of her brand:
you will never catch her without her trademark red lipstick.
The central motif, the distinctive Dali-esque lips clutch, remains the brands staple accessory,
transporting the Surrealist art movement into mainstream popular culture.

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